Fighting Back for Women

Senator Menendez is fighting back against the assault on the values and rights so many of us have taken for granted.

Bob has stood up for Planned Parenthood against the extremists who would cut off their funding. He is committed to preserving a woman’s right to choose, and access to affordable, safe contraception. He has been a leader to end workplace discrimination and is a leading advocate for equal pay for equal work.

Bob Menendez will not allow the clock to be turned back on women and their families.

  • To fight back against the extremist’s “War on Women,” Senator Menendez is safeguarding women’s access to affordable contraception by ensuring employers or insurance companies offer coverage so women can get the health care they need.
  • Bob Menendez is proud to have supported the historic legislation to stop employers from discriminating against women who do the same jobs as men, making sure women get equal pay for equal work.
  • Senator Menendez stopped health insurance companies from denying coverage to a woman simply because she is pregnant and fought to guarantee insurers cover critical preventative and pre-natal care.
  • To make sure New Jersey’s mothers and families have all the support they need, Senator Menendez is fighting for funding to increase research, education and support for women suffering from post-partum depression.
  • With almost 1,300 domestic violence victims in a single 24 hour period in New Jersey, Senator Menendez is a leader in the United States Senate to make sure the Violence Against Women Act is reauthorized.
  • Bob put our children before party politics by reaching across the aisle to work with a Republican colleague to secure over $600 million in funding for autism research and treatment.