A year ago, Republicans tried to pass Trumpcare

Bob Menendez and Ryan Alexander · May 4, 2018

A year ago, Republicans rammed Trumpcare, the heartless plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, through the House of Representatives.

This plan would have skyrocketed insurance premiums, forced more than 20 million Americans off of their current insurance plans, and cut Medicaid.

But worse yet, Congressional Republicans have already indicated they are not going to stop the attacks. They’re planning to vote on another attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act before the midterm elections.

I fought against Trumpcare last year, and we won. You can be sure I’ll keep fighting if they try to repeal the ACA again.

We have to stop this plan in its tracks, right now. Add your name to mine to stand up for the ACA and to stop the attacks on our healthcare.

Republicans in Congress have made it abundantly clear: they don’t care what impact their actions have on millions of Americans. They don’t care if they raise the national debt. And they certainly don’t care about the many New Jerseyans who depend on Medicaid and the assistance provided in the ACA.

Their only aim is to give all the benefits they can to the wealthiest Americans, even if it means putting it on the backs of millions of hard-working Americans.

And my opponent, Bob Hugin, a former pharmaceutical CEO who raised drug prices on cancer patients time after time – $80 million in just one year – certainly won’t help New Jerseyans who need expanded access to healthcare the most.

The Affordable Care Act must be protected from more attacks by Republicans. Join me in fighting this last-ditch effort to repeal the ACA right now.

With your help, we can ensure once and for all that Republicans won’t get their way with this.

Thank you.