Meet Bob

Bob’s lifelong dedication to public service began in high school when he had the grades to get into the honors program, but couldn’t afford the books. He thought it was wrong that public schools would hold back any student capable of excelling simply because they didn’t have the money. At age 19, he led a petition drive to reform the local school board, and then was elected to that very board to begin making much-needed reforms.

This experience launched Bob’s lifelong fight to change who had influence in government, standing up to corruption in Union City to become its mayor, and fighting for New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents in the state legislature and U.S. House of Representatives. In 2006, Bob became the first Latino to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate, where he has built a reputation as a champion for the powerless against the powerful.

Today, Senator Menendez is recognized as a passionate advocate and an effective legislator. He provides strong leadership with a common sense voice, deftly using his institutional knowledge to build bipartisan support for legislative initiatives that break partisan gridlock and make a real difference in the lives of the people he proudly represents.

“Menendez has transcended the gritty environment of his political upbringing to become a respected member of the U.S. Senate, often working outside the limelight to get significant legislation adopted.”

The Star Ledger

Increase Economic Growth & Wages

Bob supports pro-growth economic policies that increase wages, empower the middle class and foster social mobility in the 21st century. That’s why he has stood up to Republican efforts to slash investments in improving infrastructure, education and healthcare. Bob understands that these necessary investments are exactly what helps create good-paying jobs, a trained workforce and enables anyone willing to work hard and play by the rules to live the American Dream.

Improve Health Care

Bob has fought his entire career to make sure all New Jerseyans have access to quality, affordable health care. He has championed legislation to support mothers suffering from postpartum depression, help families meet the challenges of autism, protect gains made under the Affordable Care Act, and increase funding for New Jersey’s hospitals and universities to conduct necessary research to cure diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Bob was a leading opponent of Republican efforts to bring back pre-existing conditions, decimate Medicaid and increase premiums for older Americans. He also stands ready to work across the aisle to improve the Affordable Care Act by creating greater stability in the marketplace, increase the amount of health care plans offered, and get premiums under control.

Reform Wall Street & Protect Consumers

As a member of the Senate Banking Committee during the devastating financial collapse in 2008, Bob fought to establish the independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has since provided over $10 billion in consumer relief, and helped 29 million Americans who were wronged by financial institutions. He also authored major credit card reform legislation and fought to rein in frustrating hidden fees, and introduced legislation to protect military service members and their families from financial harm due to negative credit reporting when they are deployed.

Combat Climate Change & Protect The Jersey Shore

Bob recognizes that the U.S. must lead on climate change and believes we can make New Jersey a leader in renewable energy development by investing in solar and wind energy production right here at home. Plus, investing in new energy solutions will create good jobs and help modernize our economy. Bob has led the fight in Congress to ban offshore drilling and seismic testing off our shores and has never backed down from a fight with big oil corporations trying to risk New Jerseyans’ way of life for dirty profits they stash overseas.

Fix Our Broken Immigration System

As one of eight Senators who wrote comprehensive immigration reform legislation that passed the Senate in 2013, Bob knows this is a bipartisan issue, and that we can find a solution that helps millions of undocumented immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for many years, aides those fleeing violence and persecution, secures our border, and honors our history as a nation of immigrants. Bob has stood up against the harsh rhetoric and demonization of immigrants because it is not just un-American, it also doesn’t solve any problems.