New Menendez Ad Ties Hugin to Trump, Sets Record Straight on Hugin ‘Independence’

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · October 31, 2018

New Brunswick, NJ – The Menendez for Senate Campaign today released a new television ad that shows New Jersey voters where Bob Hugin has and always will stand—with Trump and against them.  The Republican has spent $30 million in false, negative ads that level discredited attacks on the Senator and erroneously claim he is an “independent” in attempt to mislead voters.

“Greedy, drug company CEO Bob Hugin can pretend all he wants to be an ‘independent’ or ‘different kind of Republican,’ but he’s nothing but a Trump-Republican through and through,” said Menendez Campaign Communications Director Steve Sandberg.  “Bob Hugin has run a campaign build on deceit and lies in hopes of misleading New Jerseyans to vote for him, but no matter how much he spends from the fortune he made ripping off cancer patients, he can’t change his record or who he is.  This election is about who will stand up for New Jersey and who will stand up to Trump.  Bob Menendez always has; Bob Hugin never will.”


Bob Menendez:

I’m Bob Menendez and I approve this message.


Trump and Hugin.

It’s way more than a handshake.

Bob Hugin was Trump’s top New Jersey fundraiser.

Hugin stood by Trump’s tax breaks for the superrich, while stripping our property tax deduction. 

Hugin stood by Trump’s Supreme Court picks.  

Hugin stood by Trump when he tried killing Obamacare, attacked women and made racist comments.

Bob Hugin will never stand up to Trump.

To stop Trump, stop Hugin.

Bob Hugin donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help elect Donald Trump, served as his New Jersey finance chair and delegate at the RNC, and held a post on Trump’s transition team.  He also donated millions to extreme-right candidates and causes like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Scott Garrett and Tom MacArthur, Jesse Helms and the Heritage Foundation.

Hugin said he would have voted for Trump’s Supreme Court nominees Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.  He was an early supporter of Trumpcare that would have stripped millions of their health care coverage, and praised the Trump Tax Scam that gave huge breaks to the super-rich and giant corporations and capped the state and local tax (SALT) deductions at the expense of New Jersey’s middle class.  Hugin campaign literature and flyers reportedly sent to registered Republicans say he “will work with President Trump” and “vote to confirm Supreme Court nominees.”