New Menendez Web Ads Contrast Hugin’s Allegiance to Trump vs. Menendez’s to NJ

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · October 28, 2018

New Brunswick, NJ — The Menendez for Senate Campaign today released a new ad, entitled “Good”, and shorter versions that draw the steep contrast between Bob Menendez and his opponent over who would best serve the people of New Jersey and be a check on Donald Trump and his dangerous impulses.

“There’s a clear and unequivocal choice in this election: A proven fighter in Bob Menendez, who’s always had New Jersey’s back and a Trump sycophant and enabler like Bob Hugin, who’s too afraid to stand up to Donald Trump’s worst instincts and will never have our back,”  said Menendez for Senate Communications Director Steve Sandberg. “Whether it be fighting for the middle class, access to quality, affordable health care, women’s rights, common sense gun safety, stronger schools, a cleaner environment, or restoring basic common decency to our national discourse, the stakes in this election couldn’t be higher.”


Trump: “Make America Great Again.”  

Announcement:  We won’t go back to where Trump wants us.  

Here, in New Jersey, greedy drug company CEO Republican Bob Hugin sides with Trump to hold us back.

Hugin’s with Trump to kill Obamacare.

Hugin’s with Trump’s extreme Supreme Court picks.  

And Hugin’s with Trump to help the powerful and leave regular folks behind.

A vote for Hugin is a vote for Trump.

That’s why we need to get behind Bob Menendez for Senate, our Democrat.

Bob Menendez stands up to Trump every step of the way.

And Bob Menendez stands with us for affordable health care, stronger schools, better jobs and safer communities.

So we need to take care of business and vote on November 6th for Democrat Bob Menendez for Senate.

Trump: “Make America Great Again.”

Announcer:  Not your way.

Disclaimer:  I’m Bob Menendez and I approve this message… because it’s never mattered more.