This Election has Never Mattered More and NJ Needs Bob Menendez, a Proven Fighter

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · November 4, 2018

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Top advocacy groups and organizations representing hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans – from all walks of life – are backing Bob Menendez. Check out what they’ve been saying below:

Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President, Planned Parenthood Action Fund: 

“Senator Menendez is a longtime supporter of the care that Planned Parenthood health centers provide. Menendez has fought against every attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and has advocated for access to birth control by co-sponsoring legislation to make it more affordable and accessible for all women. Menendez knows that every woman should have the right to access safe, legal abortion, free from discrimination—that’s why he co-sponsored legislation that protects a woman’s right to an abortion regardless of what state she lives in.”

Marie Blistan, President, New Jersey Education Association:

“The decisions that get made in Washington, D.C. affect the work that we do every day. With strong, supportive elected officials on our side, we can make our great public schools even better and provide our students with the world-class education they deserve. Senator Menendez is the advocate that our members and students need.”

William T. Mullen, leader of Ironworkers Local Union Local 11, President of the Building Trades Council:

“Senator Menendez has dedicated his entire career to fighting to expand the middle class, creating good- paying jobs and growing our economy. He has stood up for the rights of workers and been our champion in the United States Senate. We are proud to stand with Senator Menendez as he has stood for us. It’s absolutely critical we send Bob Menendez back to Washington to keep fighting for us and our families and be the voice for hardworking New Jerseyans in the Senate.”

Ron Klein, Chairman, Jewish Democratic Council of America:

“We are confident that Bob Menendez will continue to serve as a leader representing Jewish and Democratic values in the Senate when he wins his race in November, and we strongly support his candidacy.”

Carlos A. Medina, Chairman of the Board of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey:

“The 2018 midterm elections are one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime, and I’m taking this step, not because I’m a Democrat – I’m not– but because the stakes couldn’t be higher for New Jersey businesses and workers. The 119,000 Hispanic-owned businesses that contribute more than $20 billion to New Jersey’s economy have a strong ally in Bob Menendez. From fighting for working families to expanding opportunities for Latino-owned businesses, to leading the fight against the Trump tax plan, I’m proud to stand with Bob Menendez because he has always stood up for New Jersey businesses.”

Rev. Calvin McKinney:

“I support Bob Menendez’s re-election because, in spite of all the money spent on negative, misleading ads, he is still best-positioned to fight against ‘45’s’ agenda.  Senator Menendez has shown time and time again that he is an advocate for disadvantaged communities in New Jersey and throughout this country.  New Jersey cannot afford to send Trump another rubber stamp supporter for his divisive agenda.  Therefore, I enthusiastically put my support behind Senator Menendez’s re-election.”

Donna M. ChieraNew Jersey President, American Federation of Teachers:

“Senator Menendez is a proven champion of organized labor and economic justice for the nation’s working families.  We need to return the Senator to Washington to continue to fight against the SALT limit that punishes this region of the country for political reasons and to advocate for education policies that offer hope for poor, immigrant children to fully realize their wonderful potential.”

Dominick Marino, President, Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey (PFANJ):

“Senator Bob Menendez has and continues to be a strong advocate for firefighters and their families. Being a former mayor in New Jersey, he knows the importance of firefighter staffing and equipment.  That’s why he has fought to secure federal funding through Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) and equipment through Assistance to Firefighter Grants (AFG) programs.  Most recently Senator Menendez sponsored legislation to establish a National Firefighter Cancer Registry program.  Senator Menendez has always had the firefighters back and the firefighters have his back in this election.”

Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans:

“New Jersey seniors know that Sen. Menendez will protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare for current retirees and future generations. He has earned an impressive lifetime score of 92% in the Alliance’s Voting Record.”

Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (N.Y.-05), Political Action Committee Chair, Congressional Black Caucus:

“Growing up in a working-class town as the son of immigrants, Bob’s unforgotten roots continue to inspire his work in Congress to this day.  Bob Menendez has used his positions as a senior member of both the Senate Banking and Finance Committees to advance policies that grow the middle class, increase economic opportunity in distressed neighborhoods, make education more affordable, and expand access to affordable health care.”

Patricia Campos-Medina, President, LUPE PAC:

“Now more than ever Latina women voices need to be heard at the voting booth because we need to make sure we send representatives like Bob Menendez to Washington that will stand up for our issues; for our families, for our children and for our right to have access to reproductive healthcare choices.  When women vote, our families vote.”

Christian Fuscarino, Executive Director, Garden State Equality:

“As a proven leader who stood up for the LGBTQ community for years, Bob Menendez is the clear choice for New Jersey’s fair-minded voters and LGBTQ residents. Senator Menendez has shown himself to be an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ community. In his interview with Garden State Equality, Menendez not only spoke passionately of his ground-breaking work 30+ years ago advancing hate crimes and anti-bias laws to protect the LGBTQ community, but also of the personal sting of discrimination that he experienced as a Hispanic minority in his youth.”

Raffi Hamparian, Chairman, Armenian National Committee of America

“Senator Menendez is a strong and steady friend who believes America’s moral compass should be guided by human rights. The ANCA looks forward to working with Senator Menendez for many years to come – especially as he helps chart America’s foreign policy as a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

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