VIDEO: ‘Bob Hugin is a Con-man’

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · September 25, 2018

New Brunswick, N.J. – Renowned civil rights activist Steven Goldstein, founder of Garden State Equality and leader of New Jersey’s battle for marriage equality, called the race for U.S. Senate a battle of “good vs. evil.”  He praised Sen. Bob Menendez for his hard work and leadership on behalf of oppressed peoples across the globe, and called his Republican opponent, greedy drug company CEO Bob Hugin, a “con-man” on LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and on social justice “in the same way that Donald Trump is a con-man in the White House.”


“Bob Menendez has been there with us through thick and thin.  Bob Menendez isn’t just a vote for justice.  He’s in the trenches.  There is nobody tougher,” said Goldstein.  “We are talking about, in this race, about Bob Menendez, the mensch, versus Bob Hugin the con-man.”