VIDEO: ‘I Am Personally Offended By Bob Hugin’

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · September 25, 2018

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – While heralding Bob Menendez’s support of the Violence Against Women’s Act and his work to protect women from sexual assault on college campuses, New Jersey’s leading gender equity advocate, Patricia Teffenhart says she is “personally offended” by greedy CEO Bob Hugin’s legal fight to deny women a seat at the table at his exclusive, male-only Princeton University, and for raising prices on lifesaving cancer medications for “his own personal profit.”  Teffenhart, whose mother and grandmother both battled cancer, has dedicated her life to advancing women’s rights.


“I am personally offended by Bob Hugin.… I cannot vote for a man who, while I’ve been fighting for equity, has been rooted so strongly in his male privilege that he took the issue of dining and socializing with women to court.  Bob Hugin does not embody my values and will not represent me in Washington,” said Teffenhart.  “In November, I will vote for Bob Menendez because I love New Jersey and I believe that we are better than the Washington rhetoric dominating our current political discourse.  I will vote for Bob Menendez because, quite literally, my life depends on it.”