How Bob Hugin gouged cancer patients and enabled Trump

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · July 18, 2018

With Donald Trump in the White House doing everything he can to undermine the Affordable Care Act and reward his friends in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, we both know it’s never mattered more for New Jersey to have Bob Menendez fighting for us.

But what about your friends and neighbors?

Do they know Republican Senate candidate Bob Hugin is Donald Trump’s personal friend, a former Trump campaign finance chair in New Jersey, and a money man who donated more than $100,000 to help get Trump elected?
And do they know how Hugin made millions jacking up the price of cancer drugs?

If your friends watch television, they most certainly won’t get answers to those questions from the $20 million Hugin has committed to spend trying to buy this election. That’s why we’re launching a new website — as well as the first in a series of videos exposing how Hugin gouged cancer patients and enabled Trump.

Check out for more information:

We can’t let Hugin buy a Senate seat to help Trump dismantle the Affordable Care Act and enrich himself at the expense of working New Jerseyans.

It’s never mattered more for strong Democrats like you to help Bob Menendez win re-election. Working together to make sure voters know Hugin will do whatever Trump or the drug company lobbyists want is one of the ways we’ll combat the millions Hugin is spending in this election.