Hugin Admits to Being Trump Republican, Evades Tough Qs on Shady Celgene Record

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · October 27, 2018

New Brunswick, NJ – After donating millions to right-wing candidates and causes and attempting to rebrand himself as a moderate during Wednesday’s NJTV Senate Debate, greedy, drug company CEO Bob Hugin didn’t shy away from his conservative record in an interview with Tom Moran from the Star Ledger.  Instead, he embraced both Donald Trump and Chris Christie, and even compared Donald Trump’s divisive race-baiting with President Obama’s presidency to justify his support.  Hugin also dodged Moran’s questions on his decision to pay $280 million to avoid trial and taking responsibility for charges he and his big pharma company defrauded Medicare, Medicaid and the VA health system and put cancer patients at risk by lying about potentially deadly side-effects.