Menendez Campaign Releases New Ad Detailing What’s at Stake in this Election

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · October 24, 2018

A vote for Hugin is just another vote for Trump

New Brunswick, NJ – The Menendez for Senate Campaign today released a new ad, entitled “Imagine”, featuring Bob Menendez directly laying out for voters what’s at stake for them on Nov. 6 and the need to ensure a check on Donald Trump’s power and policies that hurt New Jersey families.

“The stakes have never been higher and it’s never mattered more for New Jerseyans to vote this Election Day and return Bob Menendez to the U.S. Senate for another term,” said Menendez for Senate Communications Director Steve Sandberg.  “If you want a tax policy that is fair and helps grow the middle class, you need to vote for Bob Menendez.  If you want access to quality, affordable health care, and to protect Social Security and Medicare, then you need to vote for Bob Menendez.  If you believe women should have the right to make their own medical decisions, that we need common sense gun safety reform to protect our schools and neighborhoods, and that we need a Supreme Court that will uphold civil, voter, worker, women’s and LGBTQ rights, then you need to vote for Bob Menendez.  Greedy, drug company CEO Bob Hugin is a Trump-Republican who does not represent New Jersey values and will just be another vote for Donald Trump’s dangerous, extreme-right agenda. The choice couldn’t be clearer.”


Bob Menendez: Imagine a United States Senate giving Donald Trump everything he wants.

Even more extreme Supreme Court justices.

Repealing Obamacare.

Threatening Social Security, Medicare and Planned Parenthood.

Standing with the NRA to block commonsense gun safety laws.

That is not my vision for America. I don’t believe it’s yours either.

Your vote is all that stands between us and a Trump Republican Senate.

I’m Bob Menendez and I approve this message because it’s never mattered more.