Strong Support for Menendez Days Before Election

Menendez for Senate and Ryan Alexander · November 3, 2018

New Brunswick, N.J. — New Jerseyans are taking a stand against the lies of Big Pharma CEO Bob Hugin. They know that this election has never mattered more, and that is why they’re strongly supporting Senator Bob Menendez for reelection.

Doug Quinn, from Toms River, supports Sen. Menendez because when he lost everything in Superstorm Sandy, Sen. Menendez never turned his back on him. — “Menendez came and helped my family. Sen. Menendez helped all storm victims. He’s held hearings in Washington to get to the bottom of what was going on. He introduced legislation to help reform the National Flood Insurance Program. Senator Menendez was here in the trenches with Sandy victims, helping us get back home. I’m a Marine Corps veteran. I was taught that we never leave anyone behind. Sen. Menendez has that same tenacity.”

Pam, from Bayonne, supports Sen. Menendez because of his efforts to pass and protect the Affordable Care Act. — “In 2016, through no fault of my own, my husband and 5-year-old daughter were killed by a car crash. They died on February 22, and on February 29, I had no insurance. It’s only because of the Affordable Care Act — that Bob Menendez fought for extending — that me and my daughter now have insurance.”

Jack, from East Windsor, supports Sen. Menendez because of the champion leadership he’s offered veterans. — “He’s been a tireless leader. I’ve been leading a veteran community here in New Jersey for 13 years and he has been a tireless leader for 13 years, helping us when it comes to working with homeless veterans, when it comes to getting veterans their VA claims and their benefits, working on veteran employment, and most importantly and most recently, now working with veteran transitions and modernizing the transition process. Senator Menendez is a true leader and somebody that I believe in, somebody that I support.”

Justin, a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel, supports Sen. Menendez because of the dedication he has shown to veterans in New Jersey. — “I’m very proud of the work that Sen. Menendez has done for generations and generations of military veterans. He put a lot of time and energy into homelessness, which is typically associated with the Vietnam generation. He’s pushing for $20M of investment into exploring Gulf War Syndrome from the early 90s. He supported caregivers of military children in a big way.”

Nadia, from Bloomingdale, supports Sen. Menendez because he supports the people of New Jersey — “I support Sen. Menendez because he has shown, through his voting record, that he supports me. He has voted to expand the ACA to over a million New Jersey citizens and really expand women’s health. He stood up for sensible, humane immigration policies and really been on the forefront to stand up for our immigrant communities. And he’s really stood up to the Trump Administration, every vote has been a “no” vote.”

Lisa, from Glen Rock, supports Sen. Menendez because he never stops fighting for women’s rights. “I support Sen. Menendez because he’s fighting for women’s rights. He’s working tirelessly and continuously on the Affordable Care Act, which is very important to my family. And I urge everybody to vote on Nov. 6.”