We must stop the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Bob Menendez and Ryan Alexander · July 17, 2018

On Monday, July 9th, President Trump announced his pick of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, the consequences would be frightening. I voted against Neil Gorsuch because I knew his partisan take on the law would have devastating effects for average Americans. And that’s precisely what he’s proven to be.

And Kavanaugh has proven himself to be even more extreme.

If Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell get their way, this Supreme Court justice will change the balance of this court for a generation. That’s decades of bad decisions. The stakes have never been higher.

Brett Kavanaugh is a proven conservative extremist who if confirmed to the Supreme Court bench will undo years of progress we have made as a country.

His views on women’s healthcare rights, the intersection of religion and government, and the Affordable Care Act show that he is only interested in pushing Trump and Hugin’s extreme right agenda. New Jersey does not want or deserve that.

I want each of you to know that I will vote no on this nomination. It is a clear attack on women’s health and voter, worker, LGBTQ, and immigration rights. We must reject the nomination. But I need you to stand with me on this and make your voice heard. Add your name to our petition to stop the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh today.

Thank you